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About Jocelyn West

Jocelyn... Visual Artist... ... Painter

"I am magnetized to wildlife, nature and ocean themes in my art. I want to investigate the relationship between my photography and my paintings. There is a style sophistication of imagery captured in my photos that I rebelliously DO NOT express in my paintings. I am inspired to paint and photograph the altering hues of light in my natural surroundings. At my new small Whispering Firs studio in Crofton, BC in Canada, I find wonder in a creative discovery process and a mindful transcendence."

Jocelyn West graduated in 1998 at the University of Victoria with a BA in Child & Youth Care. Since 1976 Jocelyn and her camera have travelled  all up and down the west coast of BC specializing in wildlife, nature and ocean subjects. Jocelyn started painting from her photographs in 2013. Her art is in many private residences on Vancouver Island and the British Isles. She can be reached at:


Contact Jocelyn

Whispering Firs Studio

Crofton, BC Canada

Tel: 250-888-8679

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